Fresh Made dough 

Dough hand made from scratch

We have nothing to hide when it comes to our dough, because each batch is made fresh everyday using only four ingredients :



Champagne Yeast


Un-process your food and taste the difference. 

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Italian Cream Sodas





Toasted Marshmallow *New*



Tiramisu *New*


Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough *New*



Huckleberry *New*


The Story that led to Legendary Pizzas



Every now and again something comes along that shakes up your entire world, for us it was when we met our beautiful daughter Riley. We knew that the late hours of a traditional job in the restaurant of a luxury resort would take time away from watching our little girl grow. Well, mama always said do what your good at, and for us that thing was creating a unique and memorable dining experiences for family and friends. When a friend of ours had mentioned the idea of a food truck, we thought it was a crazy idea (of course those are usually the best ones.) We were very skeptical of kitchens on wheels simply because you could not see the kitchen or the cooks working, leaving us to worry about kitchen cleanliness and the safety standards held in a hidden kitchen. We thought if only there could be a truck where everything could be seen, where there was nothing to hide, a truck where the food and chefs were seen.The Ciao Down truck is our dream come true, a truck with an open concept kitchen where customers can watch a pizza go from dough to oven to mouths in less than 2 minutes. 

    The Ciao Down truck began its life in Denver Colorado where we began our journey into the world of great pizza. After meeting with local pizza shop owners in Denver and discovering the vast world of pizza, it was time to hit the road in our new mobile kitchen to bring our signature flavors back to Tucson. 

    “If you're burning you're learning” All of my restaurant experience had always been from a front of the house perspective never in the actually kitchen its self. I knew great flavors and that was about it. Luckily for us, we know many great chefs, and my father is one of them. Without him the whole thing would not taste as great as it does today. Hundreds of hours, hundreds of dough trials and a lot of love went into our signature dough recipe. When Senior is on the truck make sure to give him a shout out for the mouth watering pizza your tummy craves. 




Paul & Kirsten Reyes


Ciao Down LLC

Catering Services


Everyone at my daughter’s grad party loved these yummy pizzas. Nothing generic and full of quality ingredients
— Sunny B.

Let the Ciao Down team take heat in the kitchen while you enjoy your event. The ciao down team provides everything necessary for elevating your event to the next level. Your guest will fall in love with our legendary flavors all made to order, impressing even the most discerning of your guest. Celebrate your life’s most cherished moments with Ciao Down whether you need pizzas, salads, Lunch Boxes or bartenders creating signature cocktails The Ciao Down team will assist in making the most memorable experience for your guest.  Fill out a contact form below today for more information on availability and pricing. 


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Gatherings Large and small we love to feed them all. Reach out to us before your next event to discuss the many ways we can elevate your Ciao Down experience, and feed your hungry guest. 

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